/4 Star Chicagoan: Windy City Live!!

Wow! Yesterday was amazing!
First, I want to thank My Auntie Cherie for sending my info in to WCL for them to even contact me. I also want to send a MAJOR SHOUTOUT to Justyna Syska, Producer at Windy City Live. My now little sister, Zion Glass, has inspired me on a whole nother level to continue to embrace me having Alopecia. Being Bald, Being Beautiful, Being of LOVE. Not because I have Alopecia but simply because I am who I am. I also, want to thank Skinny, dope guitarist, for jamming on stage with me.

WCL surprised me with Zion on the show & I just CRIED!!! She is so beautiful and she inspires me. They also sent us to a nice restaurant afterwards. Our waiter was bald and Zion thought he had Alopecia too. The cutest lol I told her I would ask him if he did. He did not. But he said one of his good friends, Arnette, was partners with someone who is the founder of an Alopecia Foundation. The waiter called the man and I spoke with him. He came to the restaurant to sit with Zion, Zion’s Family & myself. He offered that I give a speech and perform at their charity event in 2 weeks! Like Wow!!!!! Everything I ever wanted in life is coming to pass & I’m grateful

I am learning that being “seen” or “famous” is cool.. I guess.. but I’m truly just enjoying my journey. Meeting different people, continually traveling, journaling. Drinking wine; eating fancy cheese..jk lol

On a serious note, I am grateful for my Family, Friends, Facebook & Instagram friends, Zion & Her Family & Chicago.
I heard if you can make it in Chicago, You can make it anywhere! So just getting this far in my career/brand without any official manager makes me feel somewhat proud. But Really, I get information from sooooo many credible sources.

God, my experiences & Chicago is my manager!!!!!!!!

Random Note:
It’s 90 degrees in Chicago today! ( I think Summer likes landing in the fall here) lol

Enjoy your Friday World!